OnlyFans 30.01.2024 DominaFitness SiteRip Siterip

Name: OnlyFans 30.01.2024 DominaFitness SiteRip

01.08.23 I think this is what most of you had in mind when I mentioned I can raise and lower him FASTFILE
01.09.23 Phew! These cages get more and more interesting to install. br br His week of torment FASTFILE
01.12.23 I like giving instruction but sometimes you boys just don’t have an arsenal of tools to FASTFILE
02.01.23 I recently started some cage acceptance training. If he asks to be unlocked he gets a p FASTFILE
02.01.24 HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! br br I’m still testing out the new camera so I grabbed a couple FASTFILE
02.05.23 His balls are so incredibly full and they look huge next to his little acorn cage. I st FASTFILE
02.06.23 Well he really earned this one. I think this is the most intense I have even seen him o FASTFILE
02.12.22 Got excited and had to share a clip of my first time ruining hubby in his cage. Told hi FASTFILE
02.12.22 More stomping! This time I tried a hair tie to keep his balls from escaping with mixed FASTFILE
03.02.23 Hubby missed the gym again. Decided to punish him in the trample box with my freshly pa FASTFILE
03.03.23 A little bit of everything in this one. Hoping to push him to go harder in the gym. Use FASTFILE
03.10.23 Before I locked him up I made sure to dish out all of your requests from the September FASTFILE
03.11.23 Time to get rid of the pumpkins! br br I had a lot of leftover body paint from the pa FASTFILE
04.01.23 Another suggestion from a fan to put all four ESTIM pads on his balls (Keep them coming FASTFILE
04.04.23 New Toy! Someone was nice enough to buy me some bongers so I could drum on subbys balls FASTFILE
04.07.23 Red, White, and Blue balls! Happy 4th everyone. Decided to celebrate with a fun ball bo FASTFILE
04.08.23 Stuck him back in the flat cage for a bit… combined that with binding his balls in a FASTFILE
05.01.24 Just a little motivation to kick off the new year after some poor diet habits during th FASTFILE
05.05.23 Finally finished my ball boxing station setup and it is amazing! Well… for me at leas FASTFILE
05.09.23 With hubby still locked in his inverted cage I thought I would release one of my br ea FASTFILE
05.12.22 Not sure how to feel about this one… Too intense for hubby and he disobeyed my rules. FASTFILE
05.12.23 Time for another cumpilation! I really haven’t let him cum very much since the last one FASTFILE
06.01.23 He may be locked but I still need to get mine! Tormented him while he wore my new dildo FASTFILE
06.05.23 Had to get some slowmo of me boxing those balls! My camera doesn’t record audio in slow FASTFILE
06.06.23 Let’s play Will It Pop. Fun to watch him squirm while I flatten his balls in my nice wh FASTFILE
06.10.23 Last video from September! br br He was still incredibly sore from the end of month b FASTFILE
06.12.22 Made a social media post where every comment means a punch to the balls. After 105 comm FASTFILE
07.02.23 Wanted to test out my new boots! Things got a little TOO rough for OnlyFans so this ver FASTFILE
07.03.23 Some more recovery for those balls! This time I made some DIY ice hammers from some ste FASTFILE
07.04.23 He didn’t do well enough for a release this week so I thought I would just ride him and FASTFILE
07.07.23 Subby has been killing it this week in the gym… but I get what I want first. Strapped FASTFILE
07.11.23 Riding his face is fun… but it’s even more fun with his chin turned into a dildo LOLb FASTFILE
07.12.22 Wanted to see if it was possible before the new year. I told Subby he is allowed to cum FASTFILE
08.08.23 Combining a couple of my favorite toys! Placing e-stim pads on the front and back of hi FASTFILE
08.09.23 Happy Anniversary! After a week in the inverted cage it’s time to take him out for some FASTFILE
08.12.23 I’ve had this humbler for quite a while but never really play with it. Love re-watching FASTFILE
09.01.24 I was probably a little too nice in this one! br br This humbler is made for attachin FASTFILE
09.05.23 Still trapped in his little acorn cage. I wanted to see if it improves his tongue work FASTFILE
09.06.23 My very first foot job lol! He has been doing so good so this is probably the closest t FASTFILE
09.12.22 Just a PSA that as fans you can message me and let me know if you have an idea to punis FASTFILE
10.01.23 Decided to see just how much he could handle. Loaded his cock like a barbell to establi FASTFILE
10.02.23 Custom request from a fan. This was INTENSE! He has always had trouble handling punishm FASTFILE
10.03.23 I wanted to add a little more resistance to my kettlebell swings. His worthless balls a FASTFILE
10.10.23 Workout time with a shocking plank! br br Dropping his hips results in a shock! Raisi FASTFILE
10.11.22 Subby asked to be unlocked so I technically did. Just not in the way he hoped. Followed FASTFILE
10.11.23 Received some fun new socks to crush his balls with. Chastity + the trample box is alwa FASTFILE
10.12.22 The full 105 (Only on OF )! The first half were caged so I could grab his cock for some FASTFILE
11.04.23 Decided to try a little JOI for those that want to play along. Let me know how it goes FASTFILE
11.07.23 It’s been a while since I’ve had a nice cock from behind. I thought maybe subby needed FASTFILE
11.08.23 How about a throwback! I never posted this video originally because I was nervous about FASTFILE
11.11.22 Trying some “recovery” with the percussion massager on his swollen balls. I only took h FASTFILE
12.01.24 I feel like the scales have been tipped in his favor lately… too many orgasms for him FASTFILE
12.05.23 Had to see if he was able to cum in such a tiny cage. I won’t spoil it but it was such FASTFILE
12.09.23 Awesome fan bought me a new toy! The Violet Wand!!!!! br br I have seen these used be FASTFILE
12.11.22 I wanted to punish hubby for missing the gym. The plan was to set a timer for 3 minutes FASTFILE
12.12.22 Back in the gym! Wanted to see if hubby could focus on holding my medball while I had m FASTFILE
12.12.23 Received some new restraints where I can bind his wrists to his ankles. That means his FASTFILE
13.01.23 Request from a fan! Well… a lot of fans. So many of you wanted to see me kick his bal FASTFILE
13.06.23 DING! DING! Round Two! I absolutely love this setup. I was able to position him so I co FASTFILE
13.10.23 Happy Friday the 13th! pbr br Hubby earned his first locked ruin of the month! His li FASTFILE
14.02.23 Happy Valentines Day! Had some fun heating things up with subby hubby. I still need to FASTFILE
14.03.23 Subby finally earned a release! I don’t plan on making it easy on him though. Let’s see FASTFILE
14.04.23 I’ve been trying to get his balls flatter and flatter in the crusher. Maybe using my fe FASTFILE
14.07.23 Let’s find out how lucky his balls are! Even dice rolls mean strokes for his dicklet, o FASTFILE
14.11.22 I have been wanting to try this for a while so before we started our workout I warmed h FASTFILE
14.11.23 Looking back over the last year I don’t see enough kicks. Decided send his balls up int FASTFILE
14.12.22 Making sure Subby Hubby stays motivated for his release. His balls were so swollen and FASTFILE
15.08.23 He acts like the percussion massager hurts so bad! I don’t see what all of the fuss is FASTFILE
15.09.23 Before Locktober starts I wanted to share one of my favorite ball-busting JOI instructi FASTFILE
15.12.23 A bit of a throwback! I never ended up posting this one but it has a little bit of ever FASTFILE
16.01.24 How about a little cuck cardio! br br I’ve had this idea for a long time and so happy FASTFILE
16.05.23 Let’s work those abs! Leg lifts are a lot easier to hold if they also block your balls FASTFILE
16.06.23 After all of that punishment do these balls even work anymore Let’s find out by popping FASTFILE
16.11.22 I hope you all enjoy this because it was sooo much fun! I was originally going to have FASTFILE
16.12.22 I’ve been wanting to try a card game warm up! This is my first try at some kicks as wel FASTFILE
17.01.23 I wanted to get some calf raises in. Good thing subby made me the trample box! Really t FASTFILE
17.02.23 Wanna taste Well then you’re gonna have to work for it! br br Loved hooking his balls FASTFILE
17.03.23 Ok this toy is really fun! Might see a lot more of this to push his training in the gym FASTFILE
17.10.23 Love pushing his limits while he’s caged and denied. This time I made him hold a wall s FASTFILE
17.11.23 Thanks to all of you for helping me choose which cloned cock color to ride! br br Pur FASTFILE
18.04.23 I know a few of you have been waiting for this one! I was genuinely curious if I could FASTFILE
18.07.23 Awww his poor balls are so sore from all of that boxing! Thought it would be nice of me FASTFILE
18.08.23 Time for some more resistance band work! How about some air squats while the band is at FASTFILE
18.11.22 Just finished shooting some new stuff in my new mask! First time speed bagging hubby. I FASTFILE
18.11.22 My first money shot video! (OF Exclusive ). Hubby made his first goal from 194-191 so FASTFILE
19.01.24 So many of you just love to see me sink my teeth into his balls! br br It also happen FASTFILE
19.05.23 Let’s push him even further into an even smaller cage! Love how disappointed he was whe FASTFILE
19.09.23 Trying out another cage before locktober starts! This one has spikes that I can adjust FASTFILE
19.12.22 Early Christmas present! Subby built a trample box for me and this is the first time I FASTFILE
19.12.23 A little close because I picked up a new camera and I’m still playing with lenses etc.. FASTFILE
20.01.23 I want to see those abs! I thought he could use some more encouragement to get through FASTFILE
20.06.23 Time to hit the heavy bag! And by heavy bag I mean tying subby to the heavy bag and bla FASTFILE
20.10.23 Second ruin of Locktober! br br Since the percussion massager worked so well last tim FASTFILE
21.02.23 Oh no! His poor balls are so sore again lol. I’ve been wanting to try out the percussio FASTFILE
21.03.23 I’ve been curious what kind of pressure on his balls is the most intense… Let’s find FASTFILE
21.04.23 Decided to test how fast he can lick by making the crusher tighter and tighter until he FASTFILE
21.07.23 Hope you all are ready for more JOI! Make sure you treat those weak plums just like I d FASTFILE
21.11.22 Hubby missed the gym again… His punishment 20 slaps from my favorite dildo! He really FASTFILE
21.11.23 A flat cage means he’s just ALL BALLS! It’s just really fun to crush his nuts without h FASTFILE
21.12.22 The making of my Christmas themed pic from last week! Who needs a bright shiny nose whe FASTFILE
22.08.23 Seems to be the new normal for me to get to cum anytime I want while he remains caged w FASTFILE
22.09.23 One of the fun things about sharing all of this online is getting to chat with other do FASTFILE
22.12.23 All I want for Christmas is some crushed balls! Fun new candy cane stockings are perfec FASTFILE
23.01.23 Really need to motivate subby to get in the gym. Gave him a nice reminder of what he’s FASTFILE
23.01.24 A lot of you have been begging for more JOI. This one is really simple… basically jus FASTFILE
23.05.23 I wanted to make sure he’s getting used to being in a flat cage. I chose to correct him FASTFILE
23.06.23 Ready for some ball-busting ASMR I thought it would be fun to turn his little cock into FASTFILE
23.11.22 Another angle on the dildo thrashing I dealt. Also the last video I recorded without my FASTFILE
23.12.22 Subby got to visit my version of Santa… Too bad he’s been naughty. Naughty boys get t FASTFILE
24.02.23 Time for some pushups! Wanted to make sure he goes all the way down for every rep. That FASTFILE
24.03.23 Subby has been struggling with his pull-ups. I gave him some extra encouragement and ev FASTFILE
24.10.23 A lot of you wanted to see a different angle with the violet wand… and I wanted an ex FASTFILE
24.11.23 Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving! Definitely thankful for all of you! It’s been such FASTFILE
25.01.23 Recommendation from a fan! Subby needed some recovery from a hard leg day workout. IcyH FASTFILE
25.03.23 Teased this one on socials last night because I can’t believe it actually happened . F FASTFILE
25.04.23 I need to see some results! Shrinking his cock even more as motivation to push harder f FASTFILE
25.06.23 A little bonus for all of you! Put together a collection of every single time I have al FASTFILE
25.07.23 Some squeezing and stomping! Just felt like trying some different things to bust his ba FASTFILE
25.08.23 You all voted for subby to be locked in an inverted cage for the week of our anniversar FASTFILE
25.12.22 Christmas came early haha. I couldn’t resist seeing what it would look like to have his FASTFILE
25.12.23 Merry Christmas to all of you! br br Of course I get my gift first while he stays cag FASTFILE
26.01.24 The new humbler is AWESOME! I couldn’t wait to try it so I just sent hubby a text on hi FASTFILE
26.05.23 I LOVE the new boxing table. Thought it would be fun to get off while he’s trapped and FASTFILE
26.09.23 Trying out a new toy from a fan called Kalis Teeth Basically a metal tube that is lined FASTFILE
26.11.22 A little Saturday bonus for you all. After hubbys dildo beatdown I was feeling very hor FASTFILE
26.12.22 Offered to unlock subby so he can cum like a man… might help if I gave him the right FASTFILE
27.01.23 If his balls were longer they would be easier to grab and bust while he’s caged. Maybe FASTFILE
27.06.23 Some more testing with the crusher while he’s in a cage! I love putting his balls in je FASTFILE
27.10.23 Sometimes I just need a quicky )br br Decided to show you all what intimacy with a lo FASTFILE
28.02.23 If you thought regular burpees were bad, how would you feel if I added a swift kick in FASTFILE
28.03.23 You asked for it lol. A lot of you wanted to see 50 punches… I gave him that and more FASTFILE
28.04.23 Some static hold work in the gym! Had him hold my kettlebell while I played with my toy FASTFILE
28.07.23 I have been wanting to try this one for a while now! He is allowed to touch his cock bu FASTFILE
28.11.22 My first speed-bag session! I needed a little cardio so I figured hubbys swollen balls FASTFILE
28.11.23 A few of you were just begging to see me smash his balls with my bare feet. I had just FASTFILE
28.12.22 I want to see those abs! I tried helping subby re-charge when he felt like taking a bre FASTFILE
29.08.23 100 Clips! br br I can’t believe I’ve made that many already… just had to celebrate FASTFILE
29.09.23 Hubby wasn’t looking forward to being caged for the whole month. I offered him a way to FASTFILE
29.12.23 Oh I guess he deserves a little Christmas treat br br I let him feel just how easy FASTFILE
30.01.23 Had to share one more teaser because this was so much fun! Full clip is “cumming” tomor FASTFILE
30.01.24 I finally bought a wheel! br br I also decided to try trapping him under the ball-bo FASTFILE
30.05.23 I turned him into the perfect man! Attached my favorite dildo to the place where his li FASTFILE
30.06.23 Agreed to let him get some strokes in. Probably not what he imagined but I sure enjoyed FASTFILE
30.11.22 Hubby had a great ab workout yesterday so I figured I would help him with some ESTIM re FASTFILE
30.12.22 Subby needed a little more motivation after poor eating on Christmas. Decided to swap h FASTFILE
31.01.23 Thought it might be the ideal situation for us if I can bust his balls and make him cum FASTFILE
31.03.23 Since he can’t please me with his little caged cock I decided to train him to lick my c FASTFILE
31.10.23 Happy Halloween! br br I’ve been meaning to take my claws out again and test them on FASTFILE

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