[Onlyfans] Hung Ts Lea Siterip

Full rip from Onlyfans on 12 March 2020. Sadly not much content 🙁
~70 pics + 9 long videos (>1min) + 13 short videos (<1min).
Most of images just pic of her, and the longest videos are just masturbation.
She cums only in 2 videos: the one with round light, and the one with black stockings.
In some of the shorter videos there’s another giving her a bj.

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[OnlyFans.com] Lady Sara Borgia (@borgia lady) Siterip

I am a Birmingham Dominatrix and Mistress, with My own private chambers, which are easily accessible from across the West Midlands.
My every decadent move is calculated to induce absolute rapture .
It is not for Me to shout and scream My orders. A short command uttered from My perfect lips and a flash of My piercing and icy stare suffice to bring any man to his knees and My heel.
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